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If you look at old black-and-white safari photographs, you can see that the intrepid African explorers of yesteryear shared a certain "look."

From Teddy Roosevelt to Ernest Hemingway, these travellers bedecked themselves in clothes and gear fit for the African landscape they plied: comfortable yet rugged, sleek yet substantial. Of course, their choices were practical, but they also reflected a change in mindset. After all, going on safari is an adventure and it is important to be dressed for it.

In truth, part of the allure of safari has always been its distinctive apparel and gear. And you can find the right gear for your journey with us in the new Micato Safari Shop. Items in our shop have been hand-selected for their uncompromising quality and technical performance, and are ideal for making the most of your adventure with Micato. Our partner in this endeavour, New Headings LLC, is renowned for superlative service and attention to detail, so you can expect a seamless experience.

The Micato Safari Shop carries hand-selected gear & apparel from Patagonia, Tilley Endurables, Eagle Creek, TEVA, Smith Optics, and other fine brands. Best of all, you can get a number of the apparel items you purchase embroidered with the Micato logo.

To begin getting ready, simply click on any of the categories you see at the top. You may prefer to call our online store partners, New Headings, toll-free at 1-888-924-2050 (non-North-American residents may call USA +1-203-924-2050) for personalized customer service. Just ask for Peggy, Marcy, or Mark and count on receiving excellent service.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Micato Safari Shop and we look forward to exploring Africa with you soon!